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Is there a teacher shortage in French?

Yes! The job market for French teachers may be subject to regional variation, however every year positions remain unfilled. Read more about the French Teacher Shortage and learn how to recruit in your very own classroom!

Why should your students want to teach French?

The rewards of being a French teacher are rich and varied. When we talk with teachers, some speak to the great contributions the profession makes to society, while others mention the practical and personal value of their career.

Learn more about teaching and its:

Hear teachers and teacher-candidates in their own words through our archive of personal stories

I’m thinking of becoming a teacher. How do I know if it’s right for me?

How can you recruit your students?

Below is a list of resources that teachers have used successfully to help recruit their students into the profession. Try them out or contact us to propose your ideas!

Secondary Level

Post-Secondary Level

Teacher Tips & Tricks

How can your students become teachers?

So now that you have recruited students into the profession, what do they need to do in order to become a French teacher? Requirements vary by state and institution, but our Commission aims to help point you in the right direction. Learn more about career paths here

TAPIF (The Teaching Assistant Program in France) is a great opportunity for college graduates, aged 20-35. Even if candidates have not pursued a degree in Education, they can spend a year in France, teaching French as a Language Assistant and receiving a monthly stipend. Learn more about TAPIF

What they are saying…..

Telling personal and professional stories through testimonials is one of the most effective means of finding inspiration and helping others to find their calling. Just listen to what our students and teachers have to say about Teaching French! (And, of course, share these resources with your students!)

More Materials & Strategies

Teacher Talking Points

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