French ONLINE opening. Tabb High School in Yorktown, Virginia is in desperate need of a high school French teacher (virtual). The current teacher, located in North Carolina, just quit in the middle of the term for personal reasons. The students did not have a French teacher at all last year and relied on prerecorded videos put out by the county.
It is a full-time position where the teacher teaches from their location but is broadcast live into the classroom of students who participate via big screen or monitors – the students are in-person; the teacher is not. There is a full-time, salaried adult who serves as the classroom monitor in the high school but this person helps with technology, fire drills, etc. This individual does not speak French.
I believe the high school is able to offer some flexibility. (Not sure about salary flexibility but because their last teacher was out of state, they are willing to work with the right person.)
The job listing is at the York County School Division web page: on “Teacher/Administration Positions” and then search for French or for Tabb High School. Posted 12.08.21.

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