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French teachers in the classroom are the most powerful resources to ensure the Future of French. We have a meaningful career that includes, above all, the sharing of our passion. You are already, no doubt, very good at that. Be sure to share our profession too so that there will always be French teachers like you, ready to open up new worlds for their students.

But…. Is there really a teacher shortage?

Yes! The job market for French teachers may be subject to regional variation, however every year positions remain unfilled.

This commission was created in response to shortages of qualified candidates for teaching positions and long term substitute positions in many states, particularly in rural areas.

There are reports indicating that the number of K-12 French programs may be decreasing because these positions remain unfilled. It is believed that French language educators and students will continue to be adversely affected by the decline in the number of French programs that is a result of the teaching shortage.

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Eileen Walvoord, Commission Co-Chair

Rebecca E. Monger, Commission Co-Chair

Martha Behlow, Commission Member

Andrea Behn, Commission Member

Sheila Conrad, Commission Member

Megan Diercks, Commission Member

Anne Jensen, Commission Member

Audra Merfeld-Langston, Commission Member

Jerry Parker, Commission Member

Noralee Robert, Commission Member

Jon Shee, Commission Member

Ann Sunderland, Commission Member

Katy Wheelock, Commission Member

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Teacher tips

Offering students the opportunity to “try on teaching” is a great way to begin the mentoring process. Nathalie Cornelius (ncornel3@bloomu.edu) at Bloomsburg University (PA) incorporates internships in local schools in one of her French courses. See her article in the January 2020 issue of the “National Bulletin”.

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