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French opening in Nashville, TENNESSEE. Templeton Academy, 631 2nd Ave. S, Nashville, TN 37210, 615-601-0893, is seeking an adjunct teacher for high school French II and III for Term 3. These courses follow the Tennessee State Standards for World Language. The hours are 12:00- 2:30 Monday through Friday, January 4-March 12, 2021. Templeton Academy was founded to revolutionize the way Students learn by mentoring the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to thrive in college, career, and life. We welcome young people from all backgrounds and seek to nurture them into purpose-driven lifelong learners who use their gifts in a way that brings them joy and serves others. Please send a resume and cover letter answering the following four questions to Compensation is $3700 per term. Start Up Culture: In your own words, what is the definition of start-up culture? What attracts you to a start-up school?Journey to Anti-Racism: What are you doing to educate yourself on what it means to be actively anti-racist? Please provide specific examples of things you are doing or have done along the way.Socio-Emotional Learning: What does it mean to develop the whole child in a school setting?Project-Based Learning/Autonomous Worker: Give an example of a project you have led from start to finish. In what ways was it successful and why? Would you change anything? Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in French, education, or related field. Teaching experience preferred. Posted 12.13.20.

French opening in Chattanooga, TENNESSEE. Part time position teaching upper grades in our K-8th grade school. The work day is likely 4 to 5 hours per day which includes a planning period. 8th graders will follow the expectations for French 1.

French opening in Clarksville, TENNESSEE Middle School, Posted 7.13.20

French Opening in Nashville, TENNESSEE Poster 7.13.20

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French Opening in Knoxville, TENNESSEE Distinguished Professionals Education Institute Posted 7.13.20

Spanish, French, and Mandarin Opening in Murfreesboro, TENNESSEE, Preschool, Big Blue MarbleAcademy. Posted 7.13.20

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