Where can they major in French?

Click HERE to find colleges where students can major in French. (And also which ones offer a path to K-12 teaching licensure.) This directory provides the following information:

  • French major or a French major AND minor
  • French Program access info
  • French Program Contact Person and access info
  • Path to K-12 French Licensure (to prepare a career teaching French)

State-by-State Directory of French Major Programs

This directory is the result of the generous volunteer efforts of the following dedicated French educators.

  • Michele Adams
  • Michele Back
  • Rosalie Cheatham
  • Ileana Chirila
  • Laura Dennis
  • Elizabeth Ditewig
  • Luke Eilderts
  • Richard Huy
  • Anne Jensen
  • Sarah Jourdain
  • Manuela Langlois
  • Jane Law
  • Jonathan Marye
  • Jerry Parker
  • Steven Ohlhaut
  • Marie Schein
  • Karen Sorenson
  • Ann Sunderland
  • Josephine Tritsch
  • Katy Wheelock
  • Jeff Wurm
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